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How does sober living work?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

As I consider if sober living is for me, it's like standing at an open door and wondering if I should walk through it. Today, you can begin a new life in recovery and have the confidence that if others can do it, so can you.

“What do you have to lose? When I asked myself that question 57 days ago, my answer was simple - nothing, I already lost it all. I'm so glad I chose to come to the Clubhouse and they had an opening for me.” Resident

10 Irrefutable Laws Of Sober Living


1. Do Not drink or drug – Regular breathalyzer & urinalysis are performed, as needed. For those who choose to go back out and use, the Clubhouse staff may assist in locating detox, treatment or other residential care for you. If such treatment is completed successfully, you may return to Clubhouse as a new resident, upon approval.

“Do you have a relapse prevention program? Sober living works, for those that work it!” Coach

2. Always Pay your fees – Financial responsibility is essential in recovery. Not having a job, or means to pay program fees, is unacceptable. Employment assistance is available in many cases, as is help with career advancement.

3. Always attend your meetings – It is required as a Clubhouse resident to attend the House Meeting each week. In addition, each resident must attend (4) 12-Step meetings each week; and during the 1st 30 days/blackout, keep a registry of those meetings. In addition, each resident must work an active 12-Step program.

4. Always do your chores – Chores are assigned weekly and posted, and inspected. Daily chores are also mandatory (i.e. making beds, cleaning up after use of restroom/kitchen, washing linens or clothese regularly, etc...)

5. Do Not break curfew – Curfew is 11pm weekdays and 12am Weekends (Fri&Sat). All residents are expected to be awake, showered and beds made no later than 10am daily. Quiet time is 10pm. Doors locked at 11pm.

6. Be helpful – Daily find ways to brighten someone else’s day. Practice these principles in ALL our affairs. At the Clubhouse, at work, at the store, with family/friends or at a meeting, etc… Being in recovery means acting like it.

7. Be punctual – Recovery means being responsible and that means being on time; for work, for meetings, for legal proceedings, for social gatherings, for meals, for bed, etc...

8. Be grateful – The gift of desperation and the gift of gratitude go hand in hand. Practice both. Daily gratitudes are shared in a private message board.

9. Be respectful – Show respect inward and outward at all times. Be the person, the man, the Son, the Dad, the Brother, the employee, etc... that you’ve always wanted to be. Respect life and your sobriety.

10. Be sociable – Find yourself communicating in fellowship with your sober community; in the Clubhouse and out. In common areas participate in group functions. Do Not isolate. Break bread together, attend meetings together, talk about life issues together and be a positive role model for others – stay positive and stay connected!

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