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Getting a grasp on recovery

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Is all this hype just meetings and more meetings? Isn't recovery just a sign of weakness? Do people really recover? Why do I have to do sober living?

Get started today!

“If you are looking for the right answers in life, this is a great place to start." Coach

Imagine standing in a crowded mall during the holidays and you see a small child lost. Do we question instinctively what to do? Of course not! Sober living creates balance and provides a 'True North' on your life compass. It points you in the right direction. You no longer feel, think or act "LOST!"

Wake up refreshed

“I haven't slept this good in a long time. I feel at home. Finally, I have some peace of mind. I'm so grateful.” Resident

The Clubhouse is not perfect. We have our challenges. However, the biggest difference is that we embrace those challenges together! We are no longer alone. Here's what you should expect as a Clubhouse resident.


  • Develop and maintain a unified community of men committed to living a life free and clear of drugs and alcohol.

  • Establish a solid foundation in recovery and begin changing the behaviors that have interfered with our recovery, presently or in the past.

  • Commit to support the House meetings as a means to promote ongoing accountability and responsibility.

  • Encourage and promote opportunities for self-sufficiency, providing family needs, legal/financial responsibility, employment goals and continued education.

  • We as residents are responsible to attain the overall sense of community and achieve the common House goals.

  • The Clubhouse residents are expected to live by a common set of 10 Irrefutable Laws of Sober Living, which we believe govern the sober life we are now living. Knowing how these timeless and proven laws work in our life, enables us to use them for the highest good of ourselves and others.

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