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Danny Farmer

Dedicated to helping others recover from the disease of addiction


  My story is not unlike most addicts. Albeit, I had a great childhood in a loving family, minus a dad who passed away when I was 8 years old from alcoholism. Yet I was never abused or anything like that.

Prior to my dads death, we owned a bar, to which I went to work with my dad most days, so I was no stranger to having my "After Shifter '' of beer!

After dad's death my mother promptly sold the bar. (She only drank maybe 3 times a year, and never more than 3 drinks)
I didn't drink after that until I was about 13. I would then drink with my friends on the weekends, and we soon discovered marajuana!

Fast forward to the mid 1970's I became a drummer, and started playing in Rock Bands... More drugs, more alcohol. However, I became ambitious in life, and kept my partying down to a dull roar. I attended college, had great credit, a good job.

I'm not exactly sure of my motivation, but in the early 1980's, I left college and moved to Los Angeles to become a ROCK STAR!
That's where I was introduced to Heroin! I spent the next decade playing music all over the country, following my so-called Rock & Roll dream, totally immersed in drugs and alcohol.

In 1989 I finally quit doing heroin, got married and started a family. However, I still continued to drink. At this point, I was definitely an alcoholic, albeit a functional one.
I maintained a job and raised my son as a single parent. In 2012, my son became an adult, and I became disabled with a hip disease, brought on by alcoholism.
Getting a Disability check and no longer having any parental duties, I began to drink heavily with no reguard to myself or others. I tried to quit, but could not!

So... By The Grace Of God

After decades of self destruction and downright bad behavior, I found my way into what I refer to as the "Doom Loop", (Rehab, Relapse, Rinse and Repeat) I came to the conclusion that I needed to try something different.
My counselor suggested Sober Living, and gave me a list of houses to call.
After several phone calls, only one stood out! Clubhouse Sober Living.
I felt a sense of ease almost immediately. All the guy's were genuinely concerned about how I was doing... And do to this day. They are still teaching me how to live a normal life, without the use of Drugs and Alcohol.

Clubhouse Sober Living Saved My Life!!!

On June 12th 2021, I achieved 3 Years of Continuous Sobriety!

I am now the General Manager of Clubhouse Sober Living, and have found my true purpose in life!
My life is now Rich and Full. I have been able to rebuild relationships with my family and friends! I cannot remember ever being happier than I am today!
If you are serious about reclaiming your life through Sobriety...
Then, I strongly suggest a stay at Clubhouse Sober Living, to get you on your way!  
God Bless... Danny

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